Hello, hello! **this webbed site is a WIP!!!**

You can call me Fish, and welcome to my cozy, cluttered little corner of the web! Just a little place for me to decorate & yabber about anything and everything. Enjoy your stay & watch your step! Just keep in mind... if you break it, you buy it!

more shrines!!
decorate sitemap
ocs wiki
make the links page
collections page too!

What's in the webmaster's pockets?

Image of the now-!!

Wobbegong Shark <3

Taking a break from working on this site for a bit, I miss drawing lol

[may 17, 2024] started construction on the collections page! (finally)
[may 10, 2024] added a little playlist.. it still looks pretty wonky
[may 5, 2024] started on my OC wiki!! you can sneakily view it from my profile if youd like :3
[may 3, 2024] reworked the main page and finally got around to adding mutuals buttons! if you're not in the neihborhood, i couldn't find your button ;v;
[apr 19, 2024] added my button~! if you link me just lmk and i'll add yours to my site once i make a place for them! :D
[apr 14, 2024] added music to most of the pages :3 i <3 the dppt soundtrack
[apr 13, 2024] finished up the about me page, it just needs an updated drawing of me! and i love to procrastinate!!
[apr 12, 2024] made a little shrine room + added a wip pokemon shrine! go check it out :]
[apr 2, 2024] started construction on the shrines
[mar 15, 2024] added a bare-bones sitemap
[mar 12, 2024] started construction on the about section
[mar 10, 2024] added music player!
[mar 9, 2024] cleaned up & decorated a bit
[mar 8, 2024] added & customized chatbox
[mar 4, 2024] added navbar, welcome message & header!
[mar 3, 2024] riding the struggle bus of re-learning html... ough
[mar 2, 2024] started project
cover cover cover cover cover cover cover